Why should physicians go paperless?

Why should physicians go paperless?

By: Miron Elias

Today, we are seeing a rise in technology and further innovation that is slowly making an impact on healthcare globally.  Whether traditional medicine is better than modern medicine brings up important questions: “Why should physicians go paperless?” and “What are the advantages to using technology in a clinical setting?”

Physicians are very busy throughout the day and rarely have spare time.  The integration of technology in clinics and hospitals can increase the efficiency in a physician’s day-to-day life.  Infomedic has taken a course of action towards the integration of technology into healthcare, through our OSCAR EMR service, providing mobility and scalability for physicians.

The following are a list of a few reasons why it is important for physicians to go paperless:

Reliability.  Physicians see more than a handful of patients on a daily basis.  Through computer-based programs, like OSCAR EMR, physicians can count on a reliable place where they can easily access patient information, instead of having to search through hundreds of physical papers.

Security.  Patient charts are very confidential.  Using an EMR is highly advantageous versus storing physical files.  For instance, an electronic patient chart can be password protected and is less likely to be lost.

Communication.  Through OSCAR EMR, physicians can communicate with one another by sending medical reports/referral notes to doctors, via a web based software.  Thus, eliminating the struggle of having to physically send paper or call.

Reduce Wait Times.  Being a patient, visiting clinics and watching other patience have to wait crazy amounts of time to see a doctor is very frustrating for the patient and clinic in trying to make sure the patient returns their next time around.  The ability to use technology to create an innovative way for patience to book appointments with their desired physician online can eliminate the need to call the clinic, as well as reducing the wait times for appointments.  Overall, creating a faster paced and more efficient patient visit, increasing both physician and patient satisfaction.

With the direction technology and healthcare is moving towards today, it is very important that hospitals and clinics integrate the two.  In addition to the advantages listed above, Infomedic has been a leader in healthcare technology, through OSCAR EMR as our platform.  Our future plans include innovating patient mobility to clinics, while increasing physician efficiency to revolutionize and improve healthcare as a whole.

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