Get ISC Open Sourced EMR

Infomedic supplies the following Open Sourced EMR products & services. Please contact us for a customized service plan and current pricing.

1. Infomedic's Clinical Management Solution

OPEN SOURCED EMR + Backup Solution + Fail Over:
For the highest level of security and reliability, Infomedic offers a powerful setup of Open Sourced EMR.

Infomedic will install, setup & configure Open Sourced EMR on a typical business grade office server for your clinic. Clinical staff (doctors, managers, front desk staff) will be able to access the EMR by typing in unique usernames and passwords from any workstation connected to the EMR server. Users can also access the EMR from outside of the office, on any device, even at home via 3-step verification process: username, password and unique key. ISC EMR servers have a robust setup which includes the same security configuration strategies as the major banks to ensure your connection to the EMR is secure. Infomedic will also setup and configure an EMR backup solution with fail over options in case of any on-site server or software malfunctions. Infomedic’s backup solution resides in a secured tier 3 PIPEDA + PHIPA compliant data centre that is based locally here in Toronto.

Why use a data centre for backup?

Decrease startup costs, shield your data from catastrophic events such as floods, break-ins, lightening storms, disgruntled employees or physical damage and the most important, for redundancy.  In the rare chances that your clinic has server malfunctions or connectivity issues with data loss, the Infomedic data centre backup solution will flip on and serve to restore your system minimizing any clinic down time. Your data will always be safe and your clinic will stay functional.

Infomedic will advise you on what is best for your clinic depending on the number of practitioners, services provided, etc. 

2. EMR Installation

Infomedic provides on-site installation and configuration of your new EMR platform into your new or existing office IT infrastructure. This installation package for clinics with up to 15 practitioners, includes set-up and configuration of Infomedic servers with an automated back-up service.

3. EMR Data Conversion

Infomedic is knowledgeable in creating custom applications to move your data from your legacy system into ISC EMR. Most established clinics move their demographic information. Additionally, clinics may also wish to transfer their billing histories, appointment and schedule history, and/or electronic patient charts. Please check our FAQ section for more information.

4. EMR Training

Both practitioners and staff will require training to correctly and efficiently use the EMR. Infomedic recommends a minimum of two three-hour training sessions EACH for

  • Basic functionality
  • Basic billing
  • Practitioner usage

5. Infomedic Annual Support

You will need an annual support contract to ensure that your practice runs smoothly. Annual support includes email support, a self-serve ticketing system, and on-going EMR software updates. Annual Support Pricing

    • The cost for annual support will range from: $2,000 – $2,800 for each physician per clinic.

*ISC Open Sourced EMR is a modified version of the OSCAR open source software code which is available through: OSCAR EMR . ISC Open Sourced EMR is not affiliated with McMaster University or OSCAR EMR.