E-Referrals: Requesting Appointments Has Never Been Easier

E-Referrals: Requesting Appointments Has Never Been Easier

By: Miron Elias

E-referrals have begun to slowly enter the healthcare system and with their introduction, many wonder “why e-referrals?”  Clinics that use e-referrals today have proven to show more efficient collaboration within the clinic.  In addition, creating a smoother transition for patients to travel through the healthcare system.

Often times “premature” referrals are sent to specialists, where during the time of the appointment the specialist realizes the patients didn’t need to see a specialist as his/her issue was not as severe.  Lack of communication between doctors and specialist are a very common issue in today’s healthcare system, which results in time wasted for the patient and specialist, frustrated patients and excess government spending.

The solution to this problem all physicians and aspiring physicians should consider is using e-referrals. E-referrals is an integrative solution that takes a tech savvy approach to combine both technology and medicine to create a better healthcare system.  E-referrals would contain medical reports about the patient, as well as information about what exactly the problem is with the patient.

These E-referral would allow doctors to communicate with specialist through a secure web based service to further facilitate the exchange of information between doctors and specialist, limiting problems of sending “premature” referrals.  In doing so, patients will have a better idea of their diagnosis following possible medications that may be needed and any precautions that need to be taken.

What seemed to be impossible and the future years ago, is now a reality.  With the sudden burst in advances to technology, clinics and hospitals should take advantage of these resources to somehow combine technology with medicine to make healthcare better.  A good place to start is integrating the use of e-referrals in the healthcare system.

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