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Infomedic is a leader in healthcare IT and healthcare information & management systems (HIT&HIMS). We provide medical clinics with high quality add-on workflow automation that works in collaboration (by integration) with various clinical management systems. Our pride stems from our software development achievements envisioned by our software development team. We employ a diverse group of fun and talented health IT professionals so that our projects are always seen to completion. From our full stack developers to database system architects to our trusted front desk technical support staff, no task is too small or too large for us when it comes to building software for you. We possess a superior track record in the field of healthcare IT and we make it a priority to spend an exorbitant amount of man hours on clinical automation projects. Infomedic also enjoys engaging with the healthcare community as a whole, to bring various software ideas to reality. Our ultimate goal is to uncover clinical workflow gaps and provide cost effective and efficient solutions to our clients so that they can spend time on the most important priority, their patients.




Patient Reminder System

Bi-directional patient/staff reminder system that can integrate with various EMR’s to help reduce no shows, assist in appointment and rescheduling management and empower patients to take control of their appointments. Additional uses for reminder software include medication reminders and clinical staff reminders such as clinic emergencies or staff scheduling changes.


Intelligent Scanning Software

Capture data from incoming paper documents such as fax’s and automatically deliver it to back-end systems and databases such as the SQL databases used in EMR’s. Eliminates manual data entry for incoming paper documents, allowing you to assign more important tasks to your human resources.


PACS/RIS Integrator 

Stop manually downloading and uploading radiographs into your EMR. We have built an intuitive integration tool between various PACS/RIS systems and EMR’s so that various pictures and radio-graphs are automatically uploaded into your EMR once they are sent to you and assigned to the correct physician and demographic.


Immunization Tracker

Track immunizations of your patients in an organized manner. Seamlessly integrates with your EMR. Automatically sends a message to front end staff to create a new appointment for follow-up appointments based on the age of the patient and type of immunization that was given. Combining this technology with the patient reminder technology will reduce patients from veering off recommended immunization schedules. Easily print out or send an email of immunization records to patients for their own personal records.




We have partnered up with two large medical clinics based out of Toronto who have agreed to be part of our developers pilot program in exchange for user feedback.  Utilizing these clinics for feedback is invaluable as their suggestions assist us in fixing various bugs, increasing UI/UX for easier usability and building a proof-0f-concept for each of our products. This strategy allows us to maintain a specific level of quality and improve user experience with agility.


Public API.


Are you a developer? Do you find our products interesting? Want to integrate our software into your platform? We will grant you access to our public API on request. Please let us know what software you are interested in and we will work with you in the entire integration process. Email our API team at




*ISC Open Sourced EMR is a modified version of the OSCAR open source software code which is available through: OSCAR EMR . ISC Open Sourced EMR is not affiliated with McMaster University or OSCAR EMR.