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Getting Started

What kind of computer equipment do I require in my office to run an Open Sourced EMR? Do I need a printer, scanner, card swiper?

For a local Open Sourced EMR setup, your clinic will require the following:

1. Small to medium size business server tower and original clinic IT infrastructure. (We recommend the Dell PowerEdge T130)
2. Computer workstations, typically in each clinic room or in the physician workstation area.
3. Mozilla Firefox as your browser to access the EMR from all workstations.
4. Printer to print hard copies of prescriptions, requisition forms, etc.
5. Scanner to scan documents into the EMR such as old patient files, immunization records etc.
6. A card swipe machine is recommended but not required.

Can I keep my old files?

Yes, Infomedic can provide you with EMR data conversion services to move your patients’ demographic information and charts and/or billing and appointment history.

How Does Migration Work? Downtime?

Infomedic provides a robust data migration solution. It is required that the client (clinic) requests a database extraction also known as a “database dump” from their current EMR service provider (in most cases EMR vendors will place the database extraction files onto a USB or DVD for you). Once Infomedic has this “database dump” our database architects will go to work and place all database information from your current EMR system into the correct places within the EMR. The migration process is virtually seamless thus allowing the client to continue with their clinic day as usual. Data migration can be completed off hours and in parallel with the clients current working system. Please inquire for more information.

I’m a health care professional interested in using an EMR. Can I use EMR even though I am not a physician?

Yes, our Open Sourced EMR can be and is currently used by many different types of health care professionals. In fact, in addition to physicians, Infomedic can support optometry, naturopathic, physiotherapy, foot and chiropractic.

About the EMR

What is open source software?

Open source software is non-proprietary software with no licensing fees. It is free for anyone to download. In addition, open source software gives the public access to its source code so that rapid collaboration and innovation can occur.

If OSCAR is offered as open source software, what am I paying for?

Infomedic provides you with set-up, installation, support and training. This includes server setup, EMR installation and data conversion, training, on-going support and an annual software update. Please visit our Getting Started page for more information.

Accessing the EMR

Can I access OSCAR and my patients’ files from home? What about from my mobile device?

Yes, you can access OSCAR wherever you have access to the Internet. This includes your mobile device, tablet, etc.


How much does it cost for my clinic to use this EMR?

At Infomedic, our pricing depends on the setup chosen by the client as well as the number of physicians using the EMR. Please contact us directly for a quote.

I understand that your pricing depends on the number of physicians using the EMR. Do I need to pay for my other staff who will use it (e.g. receptionists, administrators)?

No, our pricing is based on the number of physicians using the EMR. There is no cost for additional staff.

Technical Support

Does your pricing include training?

Yes, FOUR (4) hours of training is included as part of our standard installation fee.

Where is the training located?

Training is located at our office at 700 Markham Road, Unit 3B in Scarborough. Of course, some exceptions may be made depending on the client’s needs.

For current clients:

I’m having technical issues with the EMR. Who do I contact?

For technical support, please email support@infomedicsystem.com with a screenshot of the issue. We will respond as soon as possible.

Help! I can’t type today’s notes in Encounter. What do I do?

First, be sure to ‘Sign, Save & Exit’ by clicking Save, Sign & Exit located at the bottom of Encounter. Reopen the patient’s encounter. You should now be able to type notes for today. If you are still having trouble, please email support@infomedicsystem.com with a screenshot.

*ISC Open Sourced EMR is a modified version of the OSCAR open source software code which is available through: OSCAR EMR . ISC Open Sourced EMR is not affiliated with McMaster University or OSCAR EMR.