Approved OSCAR EMR Service Provider

Infomedic System, is a chartered OSCAR EMR service provider (OSP) based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Founded in 2006 by a group of medical and IT professionals, Infomedic serves to provide robust clinical management solution software combined with unparalleled industry service levels. Infomedic System specializes in the installation, customization (Patient Reminder System, HRM), technical support (via phone, email, text and ticketing system), and system integration of OSCAR EMR in all medical facilities from solo to enterprise practices. Infomedic’s OSP solution adheres to OntarioMD and McMaster University’s PHIPA compliances, in addition to being ISO 13485:2003 and CHIC J-Class certified. Our clients include multi-site medical offices, surgical and ultrasound/X-Ray centres across the nation. Our EMR software also supports dentistry, optometry, physiotherapy, chiropody, chiropractic and retirement homes facilities with special system customizations.



OSCAR EMR is open-source clinical management software developed by McMaster University, and promotes collaboration of clinicians and IT developers. OSCAR EMR source code adopters have the right to use the program, study the source code and develop new modules to enhance the overall EMR project with agility. As an approved OSP, Infomedic is committed to providing an OntarioMD certified EMR solution to all current and potential clients.

To access the user guide for HRM, Click Here