OSCAR EMR 15 Features

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New – OSCAR 15 – Features Update

Administrative Panel

  • Updated user interface and added splash panel to landing page
  • Report by Template added to Admin Panel
  • Hid Admin buttons for users without Admin privileges


  • Adjusted appointment history to show appointment status, appointment type and deleted appointments
  • Enabled searching of integrated demographics when making appointments
  • Added “Reason for Visit” and “Location of Appointment” fields
  • Appointment icons configurable as text
  • Added ability to view appointment reason when hoovering over appointment
  • Ability to preserve patient context when going to classic Schedule for certain things (e.g. view resident schedules & eChart)


  • Providers now sorted by lastname for billing dropdowns for multisite
  • Added ability to quickly look up a professional specialists for billing purposes
  • Added ability to apply both discounts and refunds for private billing
  • Add new notification for patients visiting with outstanding balance
  • Updated billing correction/display screen
  • Added ability to edit 3rd party billing invoice for users with limited access
  • Added ability to view invoice report after saving changes to ‘manage provider list
  • Hospital Billing now allows for Submission after saving
  • Billing reconciliation no longer displays claims from outside of OSCAR
  • Payment auto populate when creating a 3rd party billing invoice or when reviewing billing
  • Added ability to update address through ‘remit to’ or ‘bill to’ in 3rd party invoice
  • Added ability to export invoice report as csv/excel
  • Added ability to bill from the patient record
  • Simulation OHIP reports now display all values
  • Invoice report to display results using a service code
  • Billing date added to Anticoagulation billing


BORN Pilot and eRourke Baby Record

  • Added new eForms for conducting an 18 month Enhanced Well Baby Visit
  • Developed a Summary Report for data from NDDS and Rourke forms
  • Added new data input and functionalities to provide 18 month Well Baby Visit with additional information (decision support, reminders, expandable record options, etc.)
  • Added ability to securely share relevant data electronically with the BORN Registry in Ontario
  • New Rourke Baby Record (RBR) module for assisting healthcare professional in viewing, accessing and managing well-baby and well child visits, which includes:
    • WHO growth charts for Height and Weight, as well as Head Circumferen
    • Resources for: Nutrition, Development, Investigations/Immunizations
  • Added the BORN-eHealth XDS integration and updated the 18 month visit XDS integration
  • Added ability to access NDDS eforms from patient record
  • New pop-up window option for prompting users of relevant eForms during Well Baby Visit

Consultation Module

  • Consultation module re-designed within the new user interface
  • Within new user interface, added a dedicated module for Specialists to respond to requests

Drug Database Integration

  • Direct integration with a commercial drug database (Medi-Span) for drug interactions
    • Includes information on both Over the Counter (OTC) medications and prescription
    • Drug-drug, drug-food and drug alcohol interaction screening
    • Access information on clinical management of a drug interaction


  • Improvements to the eForm Generator
  • Added new eForm template feature
  • Combined forms and eForms sections within Administrative Panel
  • Added pagination to eForm list when clicking on eForm tab from eChart
  • Minor formatting changes within Emporium page
  • Added ability to import eForms from Know2Act’s eForm Emporium


  • Added web service to handle communication between OSCAR and the fax endpoints
  • Added Fax configuration to Administrative Panel
  • Added web service for uploading received faxes to dedicated queues
  • Added OSCAR user identity to outgoing faxes

Electronic Asthma Action Plan System

  • Added research module for eAAPs project
  • Developed mobile functionality to connect to eAAPs environment
  • Added ability to upload clinical data to eAAPs server
  • Directed eAAPsHandler to save PDFs to target directory

Health Card Validation

  • Added real time validation of OHIP cards within the Patient Detail screen
  • Removed ability to save invalid health card number

Health Tracker

  • Added ability to create prevention records from eForms
  • Added ability to customize what is printed
  • Added ability to change targets/intervals for a single patient
  • Added ability to change which measurements/ preventions appear on the flow-sheet for a single patient and overall for a provider/clinic
  • Added ability to view entries from a specified date-range selection input by a user
  • Added ability to view specified amount of entries (set by the provider)
  • Flowsheet in Health Tracker that takes clinicians through measurements and trackers for a typical annual physical exam
  • All planned measurements are available in the flowsheet for a complete Period Health Exam
  • Added Links for patient resources available
  • College of Family Physicians of Canada measurement recommendations and guidelines available in hover-over text for most measurements
  • Added hyperlink to go back to Health Tracker from edit mode
  • Added ability to edit Flowsheet for patient and all patients improvements
  • Ability to edit a patients flow sheet in order to reflect all improvements
  • Toolkit templates are ordered by date
  • Added final set of measurement types to new flowsheet for pain
  • Streamline who has access to enter measurements
  • Access to customize measurements


  • Added Send and Archive Message functionality
  • Added Document Type when viewing inbox in list view
  • Inbox now displays documents as embedded PDF or Image

Inventory Module

  • Added product entry page in Administrative Panel
  • Added ability to dispense products in Prescription module

Invoice Reports

  • Added a column for debit/cash payment totals
  • Added ability to sort reports
  • Added billing location to reports
  • Added ability to hide names from print page of Invoice Report


  • Added user configuration for integrating Know2Act account with OSCAR account
  • Added easier mechanism for adding eForms and Report by Template scripts to OSCAR
  • Added Ability to send notifications to OSCAR


  • Auto-completion list for searching provider labs
  • Added option to display all versions of lab
  • Added ability to unlink mismatched lab results from demographic eChart
  • Created a new Label for Sexual Health Clinic Client Lab Specimens and Requisitions
  • Added Alpha Lab handler
  • Added True North Imaging Labs handler
  • Improved efficiency of Gamma Lab handler

MCEDT Integration

  • Developed MCEDT interface in Administrative Panel for submitting and receiving files

kindredPHR Integration

  • Added ability to retrieve patients metrics from kindredPHR to the Measurements Manager
  • Added ability for kindredPHR for OSCAR registration
  • Added ability to view Patient PHR record

New Patient Record

  • Patient Record redesigned in the new user interface to organize all patient information in a way that better accommodates user workflow
  • The Patient Record has tabs for “Patient Detail” (formerly Master Demographic), “Patient Summary” (formerly eChart),” Forms/eForms”, “Ticklers”, “Health Tracker”, “Prescriptions”, “PHR”, “Consultations” and “more”

Ontario Renal Network (ORN)

  • Added Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Module in Health Tracker (also available on the left-pane of the Diabetes flowsheet)
  • New CKD screening report available in Administrative Panel
  • Added Tickler and Decision Support alerts for screening

Patient Search Bar

  • Added a patient search bar in the new user interface


  • Simplified the workflow for loading custom preventions
  • Added an “Other” option to the prevention module, which is included in the legend
  • Added ability to print remote preventions
  • Added ability to create prevention record from eform
  • Include integrated preventions in determining whether to display stop signs
  • Changed Prevention Report to match new OHIP guidelines
  • Added time to prevention date in Preventions table
  • Addition of a self-learning Natural Health Product database
  • Preventions to patient summary to allow for overdue to be visually distinct
  • Quantity field to appear when special instructions is filled
  • Addition of Men-c-acyw-135 to preventions list
  • Added ability to select which vaccines appear for a physician
  • Added ability for OSCAR preventions rules to obtain from “K2A” allowing the customization of preventions list based on region

Periodic Health Visit – **

  • The ICD9 code 790.2 (Abnormal Glucose) now triggers diabetes flowsheet
  • Preventions list is now alphabetized and can be customized to show items that are specific to a related program
  • The Bexsero Meningitis B vaccine has been added to the prevention list
  • Added Herpes Zoster vaccine to preventions/immunizations
  • The Rubella and Varicella vaccines have been added to the prevention list for females under the age of 50
  • Flowsheet in Health Tracker that takes clinicians through measurements and trackers for a typical annual physical exam
  • Flags and reminders for measurements or tasks (preventions, etc.) that should be completed on a yearly basis
  • Measurements and tasks display according to sex and age of patient (i.e. PAP test will only appear for female patients of a certain age range)
  • FOBT parameter changes to allow for all FOBT done within the last 10 years to be displayed

Prescription Module

  • Added tooltips in the prescription module for button set
  • Moved “Add to Favorites” outside of “More” in RX module
  • Added Diseases, Other Meds and Medical History CPP to display in prescription module
  • Added ability to edit/remove drugs dispensed internally
  • Added more visual indicators for outside prescribed drugs
  • Improved drug search interface with “advance search options”
  • Clear separation between medication management and prescription writing (in patient summary)
  • Reorganization of how drug reason and prescribing practitioner is added to a medication
  • Addition of Quick Allergy buttons for: NKDA, Penicillin, Sulfonamides.
  • Medication list and echart have adopted same color schemes for drugs
  • Addition of “more” button when searching for drug to show the entire results

Privacy and Security

  • Mandatory password reset after initial log-in for new users (
  • Added ability to change 4-digit secondary password if desired
  • Logged in provider data now placed in SecurityService
  • Updated security for Clinician Dashboard
  • Added storage encryption to second level login PIN – upgrade migration required
  • OntarioMD Threat Risk Analysis additional security enhancements
  • Large Quick links to display links according to role or security level
  • Added warnings icons for security to all upload buttons

Specialist Table

  • Added new fields: ‘contact information’, ‘salutation’, label for professional ‘specialist’

Technical Changes

  • Added OscarJob and OscarJobType tables to database
  • Restructured angular files and added UI-router
  • Basic framework changes to support un-thread-localling of loggedInInfo
  • Added REST calls for the Clinician Dashboard
  • New project files to replace the files and JPA event handlers that never finish
  • Added schedule manager methods for retrieving all appointments by updateDate
  • Added field to PatientLabRouting for database change
  • Added il18n support to new user interface
  • Updated kindredPHR libraries
  • Added demographic_no support to top level ID extension attribute
  • Created interceptor to add the eho:endpointID element to the SOAP header updated SHIC and Everest
  • Added Angular/Bootstrap version of top level report index page
  • Added ability for Angular controllers to show and hide the patient list
  • Added REST services for provider preferences support
  • Bundled Java melody with OSCAR
  • Updated catalina_base for Tomcat7
  • Update E2E-DTC exporter to version 1.3
  • Added ability to search providers by name in REST
  • Split the ONAREnhanced table into three tables
  • Added new web services to expose core OSCAR functionality
  • Updated SHIC library
  • Added fields to apconfig.xml for use in eForms
  • Disabled validators by default within eclipse properties
  • Extended scheduling web services
  • Created OSCAR Job to send BORN WB xml & BORN WB CSD xml
  • Changed XML-RPC interaction to Ouath interactions (EForm Emporium download Enhancement)
  • Addition of a tool to assist with reporting key/value pair tables
  • Dao methods fixed to function accordingly
  • TDIS router issues resolved
  • Refactor E2E Export via Everest Framework
  • Added ability to Load third party interactions file
  • Addition xml-rpc call to check interactions by DIN
  • HTTP Status 500 error in echart of patients with merged CPP of local System and Integrator
  • HRM to use OSCARdocument base path when saving files ensuring retrieval consistency


  • Added validation to new Tickler form
  • Added Tickler print feature for a single Tickler or list of ticklers
  • Added ability to add notes to tickler
  • Enabled High priority ticklers to display in default search
  • Added ability to display high priority ticklers in default search
  • Addition of a drop down menu to indicate Tickler status


  • Added option to create traceability/version report
  • Ability to generate a traceability report that allows users to compare two OSCAR systems to see if they have the same version by checking the files include in the Oscar program itself

Web Services

  • Updated documents web service calls to allow for lastUpdate field
  • Updated allergies web service to support new lastUpdated fields
  • Added web services to expose core OSCAR functionality
  • Added new web service methods for retrieving appointments
  • Added DAO methods for retrieving appointments for web services
  • Added new web services to expose core OSCAR functionality
  • Extended scheduling web services

Miscellaneous Added Features & Changes

  • Allow CDS reporting for specific providers
  • CDS now uses only latest form for a given admission
    • Allow CDS reports generated by day
    • Allow CDS reporting by program
  • A CBI update alert is generated when the master file changes
  • CBI form fields have been colour coded for system filled, user filled and mandatory
  • User prompt for current clinic location after logging in OSCAR
  • OCAN can be enabled and disabled at the program level
  • Added function to show the number of field notes created by each supervisor on each resident
  • Added ‘discharge date’, ‘admission date on refer’, ‘discharge’, ‘intake page’, ’changed discharge options’
  • Added English Conversion to CDM indicators
  • Added ability to order measurement type list by name
  • Long document types are concatenated (linked together)
  • Caseload functionality improved to make the most of the new U.I
  • Added option to upload documents to incoming documents
  • Added document description template buttons for fast data entry mode
  • Added new OHIP Explanatory Codes CNA, DF and AD1
  • Added a status service
  • Added ability to do multiple queries for a Report by Template
  • Modified the Report by Template so choices appear before the param-query
  • Created a new settings user interface
  • Updated stub generation versions
  • Added program attribute to Facility Messages
  • Improved MOH file uploading
  • Updated ODB Formulary DB (Limited Use Codes)
  • Added form to CPP modal and ability to save CPP note
  • Expanded ‘MRP’ search field list screen
    • Added search by MRP function
    • Fixed incorrect status descriptions in consult lists
    • Fixed to obtain urgency description from staticDataService
  • Added CAISI filtering to E-list Doc to restrict who can see documents
  • Enabled decision support files to assist in evaluating guidelines
  • Enabled appointments with status code ‘c’ to populate tabular report
  • Add ability for all modules to load in patient encounter screen
  • Added ability set default printer for labels, envelopes, receipts
  • Added ability to select and insert encounter template into note
  • Added ability to refile a misplaced document
  • Restricted User to only open one encounter screen at a time
  • Removed ability to open duplicate pop-up windows
  • Added ability to view Next appointment date on eChart & master record when created using appointment codes
  • Enabled Print note by date range in Encounter
  • Added ability to assort incoming documents by date
  • Added description to HRM documents for easier identification

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