OSCAR EMR 12.1.2 Features

New – OSCAR 12.1.2 – Features Update

The OSCAR v12.1.2 Fix Release contains the following new features/enhancements:

  • Hospital Report Manager (HRM) – NEW
  • Ontario Lab Information System (OLIS) – NEW
  • Traceability – NEW
  • Integrator – Enhanced
  • Import/export – Enhanced

Hospital Report Manager (HRM) has the ability to receive and transfer hospital reports from Health Information Systems (HIS) into OSCAR. HRM provides health care providers with the ability to perform the following:

  • Access Hospital reports transferred from HIS into OSCAR through the inbox or the admin tab
  • Browse, retrieve and open hospital reports from stored locations
  • Upload a copy of selected file into the OSCAR inbox
  • Search patients and providers
  • Select and open the required patient’s report
  • Set and unset assigned providers
  • Print the patient’s hospital report
  • Sign-off or revoke sign-off on a patient’s hospital report
  • Add comments to reports
  • Forward hospital report to other physicians in the list

Ontario Lab Information System (OLIS) connects hospitals, community laboratories, public health laboratories and practitioners to facilitate the secure electronic exchange of laboratory test orders and results. OLIS provides health care providers with the ability to perform the following:

  • Receive, upload and search for laboratory reports from OLIS in OSCAR
  • Filter by patient name or reporting laboratory
  • Acknowledge labs reports
  • Forwarded reports to other physicians
  • Create a message with patient demographics attached
  • Create reminder messages on selected patient
  • Open reports from a patient’s encounter screen
  • Link lab reports to a Lab requisition


Traceability refers to the ability to monitor and ensure the quality of software from development and release through to its use by the end-user. Traceability is a requirement of ISO 13485:2003. It also enables OSCAR EMR to ensure the OSCAR software in use by physicians in Ontario is the Ontario EMR Specification 4.1(a) Funding Eligible Offering. Finally, and most importantly, traceability offers you, the OSCAR User, assurance that your OSCAR software is the same as OSCAR EMR’s official version, ensuring you can easily access updates and new innovations that become available. To better meet this traceability objective, a new function has been built into OSCAR Admin that enables you to generate a report comparing your OSCAR software to the official release from OSCAR EMR. In the event any differences are identified, OSCAR EMR will work closely with you and your Approved OSP to make sure the reason for the variance is understood and that your system remains compliant with the Ontario EMR Specification 4.1(a) Funding Eligible Offering and OSCAR EMR’s ISO 13485:2003 certified Quality Management System.


Integrator facilitates the sharing of information amongst multiple OSCAR systems. This is done by caching selected pieces of information into a single server which can then be accessed with appropriate patient and provider consent. ‘Covering Providers’ are able to search for a patient, view their records and add information to the patient’s record from their visit. The information added by this ‘covering’ provider, will then be available in the ‘primary’ provider’s system and marked as having been received from the Integrator. The enhancements made to the Integrator will improve speed and efficiency of the system.


Import/export functionality has been enhanced to allow data to be more easily imported from other EMRs into OSCAR or for data from OSCAR to be exported to other EMRs.

For More Information on HRM Click Here

To access the user guide for HRM Click Here

About OSCAR 12

Version 12 Includes:

  • An enhanced Inbox Manager and features to help streamline and more efficiently manage workflow
  • Advanced e-form creation capabilities
  • Capability to allow users to sign consults, prescriptions, and more using electronic signature pads
  • Enhanced Caseload, offers an “at-a-glance” view of clinic-wide patient vitals and allows filtration by provider, roster status, diagnostic code, and custom keyword
  • Advanced electronic FAX capabilities
  • Enhanced Antenatal Record with decision support, reminders, expandable record options, and ability to securely share relevant data electronically with the BORN Registry in Ontario
  • Interfaces with ClinicalConnect, CIHI, Ontario Lab Integration System (OLIS) and the Hospital Report Manager (HRM) to name a few
  • Customized Ophthalmology Module that acts as a model for other specialist-oriented customizations
  • A federated solution for enhanced Data Sharing (referred to as the Integrator), which enables multiple clinics to share data across discrete sites
  • Integration with MyOSCAR, the patient-controlled Personal Health Record (PHR) which offers patients the ability to become more actively involved in the management of their health by communicating with their health care providers, viewing and updating their own copies of their health records, and accessing multiple health management tools

To access the user guide for HRM, Click Here